This engine was developed in recent years to fill the need for a modern, highly economical, enclosed, force feed lubricated, balanced and quickly maneuverable steam engine. The U. S. Maritime Commission approved the Ajax design and has used it with very satisfactory results for trans-atlantic and other applications. This engine is now available in various sizes from 18 inches to 36 inches stroke, 100 to 300 R.P.M., rated from 400 to 4,000 H.P.

The desired results are realized through a new principle in design developed by Ajax Engineers — which is illustrated by the sectional view on the opposite page.

The engines are built in multiple cylinders, and on each crank is mounted an L.P. cylin­der and piston, single acting, working on the down-stroke: above this is mounted a cylinder head containing a horizontal piston valve. Above this is mounted an H.P. cylinder and piston, single acting, working on the up-stroke.
A complete compound uniflow cycle is obtained with a single valve, from admission to the condenser, with continuous uninterrupted expansion of the steam on each crank inde­pendently of the others and permitting any number of cylinders to be used up to the practical maximum. More.... (jpeg file)
Ajax compound Marine Uniflow Steam Engine