Friends of Auburn Heights Preserve - and Marshall Steam Museum

Horseless Carriage Club of America

International Association for the Advancement of Steam Power (IAASP)

International Steam Boat Society

National Steam Car Association - England's Steam Car Association
           Light Steam Power Archive - Bolsover Brothers Magazine listing (pdf 256 pages, LSP Listing, Drawing Sets

North American Steam Boat Association

Northwest Steam Society - Great Links - a non profit volunteer organization,
          formed in 1973 for Steam Enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. - Steam Car Club of Great Britain

Steam Automobile Club of America (SACA)
and Chapters

SACA Chicagoland - SACA Northeast - SACA Northwest

Steam Boat Association (Great Britian) (Links page)

White Steam Cars Registry


Top Steam Sites:

Bart Smaalders - Website - Steaming Otter

Dan Martin - A Tricycle that Runs on Steam - Article
          Everett Engineering, Inc. - Premier Machine Shop
          MosquitoEnterprises - Steam Boats, Steam boat hulls, engines, boilers--new and used.

Midwest Coach and Carriage Works

Northwest Steam Society - Lots of Great Information

Steam Boat Links - Steam Launch Artemis - Ron Fossom
          International Steam Boat Society

Steam Car Club of Great Britain - Lots of Great Information


List Serves and Forums:

LIGHTSTEAM@LISTSERV.ICORS.ORG to get started send an email to the link
SACA Phorum open to all not just members of SACA


Other Links:

1903 Six HP Steam Engine Powers Modern Off Grid Power System - Ron Paul Forums Thread

Advanced Steam Technology

Airclean Technologies

Airplanes: Steam Powered Airplanes
          Steam Aeroplanes
          Bristol Tramp - British steam-powered passenger and airmail transport aircraft

Alternative energy news and information resources about renewable energy technologies

AMOVIS - Danish site, browser will translate, Amovis GmbH, Patent Genius,
          Steam Cell, Automotive, Marine, Aviation, and more.
          Patent: US2005026242
          Patent: 6508060
          Patent: 68724281

Animated Engines

Antique Gas Engine Books - Antique Steam Engine Books

Are steam cars poised for an epic comeback? - Article

Arfon's Rocket powered Steam Dragsters - Photos - Arfon's Wild Steam Dragster

Arizona Mechanical Engineering

Ausra - Steam Generation System - Solar Systems Technologies - Areva Abandons Solar and Shutters Its Ausra Concentrated Solar Effort

AutoSpeed: Steam Power! Could it make a comeback? - Article

Auto World Car Museum

Atomization and Burning of Liquid Fuel Spray - Abstract

Babington Oil Burner - Waste Vegetable Oil

Bane, Martin - 'Argentina'  Built 1949 by Ing. Livio Dante Porta & Co. Ltd.

Barrett Steam Car - YouTube Video

Bash Steam Valve Experiments

BEHR - Thermal management for the reduction of emissions and fuel consumption in trucks - pdf

Better World Workshop
- Sustainability Leaders Network
                                    Gazogen - Creating Clean Energy from Biomass Fuels

Biochar International

Biodiesel - WVO Designs, a website on Waste Vegetable Oil as a Fuel

BioEnergy Lists: Gasifiers and Gasification - Small and Micro Combined Heat and Power Systems

Biomass Magazine - Articles - "Recent biomass studies misconstrued, inaccurate" #3869
                                    "Biomass reaction' combusts fuel from within" #3398

Bio Steam Engines Co, LTD. - Manufacturer

Boats - Small Boats Are A Big Passion For This Detroit Collector 

Bob Sarda - His Website - South East Wheels Events/bobsarda

Booster Technologies, Inc. - Green Energy Solutions

Borsig - History

Bourque Steam Engine - A Compact Pollution-Free  External Combustion Engine with High Part-Load Efficiency

Brash Engines - Phase One Report 2010 (45pages pdf) - BKI - Motive Power-Final Report pdf

Brayton Cycle - The Ideal Cycle for Gas-Turbine Engines (pdf document)

British Steam Car Challenge -'s Challenge page

Brown, Mike - Blog     Brown Steam Engines

Bryan Boilers

Bryan Engine Discussion - Thread - Steamers Forum

Cable Car Guy (When Steam Ran on the Streets of San Francisco Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
          Cable Car Lines in SF

Camden Miniature Steam Services

Car History For You  

Catapult Design - The majority of our world’s population lacks access to life’s basic needs. 
           We develop and implement human-centered products to help them thrive.

Center for Advanced Energy Systems (CAES)

Clayton Industries - Steam Generator Systems

Clean Power Technologies, Inc. - Globe News Report -  to Implement New Hybrid System on a Production Vehicle

Coalition for Sustainable Rail (CSR)- News & Info
          CSR Project 130 - Create a high speed carbon neutral steam-powered locomotive
          Development of Modern Steam 4: Advanced Internal Boiler Water Treatment - White paper

Compressed Air Car

Cozby Enterprises, Inc. - A Montana Corporation formed for research, design, and
           development of advanced steam engines for automobiles and other applications.

Crude Glycerol Combustion System - Diversified Energy

Cubit Power Systems - Solar-Thermal

Cugnot's Original Steam Car (1769) History - Video of Replica Running - 2nd Video

Cyclone Power Technologies

De Dion Steam Car

Doble: The Magnificant Doble - Article
           Doble Peddle Assembly 
           Doble Steam Motors Corporation photograph collection, 1898-ca. 1963 Collections 1,2,3 and more
           Strange Triumph of Abner Doble

Dudgeon Steam Wagon

e-Zee (Little) Steam Engines - Free Steam Engine Building Plans

Earl Morse - Steam Boating

Echogen Power Systems

Eden Energy-Word doc. with links -  Eden Energy-pdf with links

Efficient Steam Engines - Discussion

Energer - BMG LUX - home micro generator video - RTCC

Enginion Steam Cell - Images SACA Phorum on the steam cell

Erickson Motors - Full Expansion Engines - Google Images

Essays on Steam Engines - at present 250 Essays and pages

Ether Engines - Ether and Chloroform Engines

First Car? - A Quick History of the Automobile for Young People

Fischer Cycle Engine - Statements on Thermodynamics

Fisher Technologies - Big-Step Engine Technology™

Flash Steam - Four Cycle Steam Engine Concept - Jeremy Holmes

Flash Steam Engine powered tether boats

Fluid Injector for a Piston Steam Engine

Flying Kettle Project

Flying Steam Engines - Another site: Flying Steam Engines

Forgotten Books - Technology and Engineering/ Engines and Automotive

Free Clean Energy from Engine Exhaust with CO2 Scrubber

Fulton - Steam Boilers and Equipment

Gasifiers and Gasification (BioEngergy List)

Gek Project - All Power Labs - Gek Users

General  Information on Steam Plant, Pipework, Steam Consumption, Boiler Capacity, Horsepower of a Steam Engine 

Geneva Steam Car 1902- (click on link and scroll down to see photo)

German High Speed Locomotives - Article

Global Ecology Labs - Christ Field

Glycerol Combustion - Metzger, Brian - Abstract and paper

Green Car Congress: Novel opposed-piston free-piston linear generator for hybrids seeks to overcome drawbacks of earlier designs - Steam Power

Green Turbine 15kW

Hadden Modern Steam Engine

Hamworthy™ internal mix steam atomizing burner lance nozzle.

Heat Engine Project

HEDON - Household Energy Network

Hemp as Feedstock for Biofuel, Power Generation

Henry Technology: Friendly Technology, Focused Ingenuity Henry Rotory Steam Engine

Hot Vapor Cycle Engine - HVCE - The Adiabatic Engine

How Steam Engines Work - A simple introduction

Hubbard Steam-Powered Motorcycle - Restoration and another site Hubbard Steam-Powered Motorcycle

Hughes' Doble - now owned by Jay Leno. Video about the car.

Humanitarian Engineering and Video - Does Your Homework Make a Difference?

Hurst Boiler Wins Engineering Excellence Award - Article

Huzar Power - development of the High-Efficiency Flash-Steam Engine and offer production versions

Hybrid Engine: an Alternative to Internal Combustion - Article - pdf document

HydroICE Project - developing a solar-powered combustion engine - Article by GizMag
           HydroICE Project Converts Combustion Engine to Run and Generate Electricity Using only Solar Energy
           - Article (PrWeb)
           HydroICE Solar Project - by indiegogo - Imagine if you could reduce the cost of solar energy by 75%!
           AND do it using resources readily available within your community...

Hydroplanes, Steam - Current Flash Steam Hydroplane Record Holder

Industries for Africa Foundation


International Steam Pages - Narrow guage steam railways

Jenny Steam Products - History

Keepers of the Blue Flame - Land Racing Forum

Kinetic Steam Works - Steam power, kinetic art, industrial art, & education creatively connected!

Koch Heat Transfer Company:  More Efficient Heat Transfer

Lamppa Manufacturing Story

Lentz Valve Gear on British Steam Locomotives

Levens Hall Museum (UK) Steam Engine Collection

Light Steam Power Topics - Archive

Locomobile - Dr. D. M. West's

Locomobile Restoration ( in words and pictures)

Locomotives:   How a steam locomotive works
          National Railway Museum - Nuremberg, Germany  

Lombard Log Haulers (Lenoard Mills 1790's Living History Settlement, Bradley, Maine)
          History of Logging in Maine including the Lombard Hauler  Lumbermen's Museum, Patten, ME
          Lombard's Log Hauler: The First Crawler Tractor - Article
          Lombard Log Hauler Museum - Waterville, Maine

Lynx Steam Engines

Lynx Rocket Stove Monotube Steam Boiler

Marlboro Steam Car (1899) Click on the pictures below the main picture.

Maybach, the road to Legend - Historical German Publication - Right Click on article and then click on Translate

Mercoid Controls - Dwyer Instruments

Minto's Unique Steamless Steam Car - Article

MIT Papers pertaining to steam powered automobiles (Links tested 3-25-2014-all worked)

Monotube Boiler - Steve's Workshop

Montana Steam Power Abandons Steam Project - Their Website: Montana Steam Power, Inc.

Museum of Retro Technology - Powered by boiling Petrol - Ether and Chloroform Engines

National Traction Engine Trust (NTET) (British) - World's Premier Steam Traction Preservation Organization.

Novatec Solar - Solar Boiler, Solar Thermal Generation

Novel High Performance Steam Engines - Article

Novo Power, President, Phillip Raphal - resume, pdf

Oliver Vaughan Snell Bulleid - Last British innovator in steam locomotive engineering

Omachron Techologies, Inc. - a technology licensing company for an intellectual property
           pool that includes over seven hundred inventions.

Open Library - Search Through Extensive List of Books on Steam Engines, Steam Power

Open Source Steam -  collecting information on steam technology and designs on steam driven devices. Designing, developing, and prototyping open source hardware that utilizes the power of steam

Orv's experimental steam engine

Parker Industrial Boilers - brochure pdf

Pearl Steam Launch Engine Company

Petrol (Boiling) Engines

Phoenix Navigation & Guidance Inc. - Experimenter's Tesla Turbine -
          Turbine Builder's Club

Piston vs. Caprotti Valves - Discussion

Poppet Valve Steam Engine Quest 

Power Mechanical Steam Blog - Steam and Chilled Water Solutions, Fast.

Practica Foundation - Micro Diesel Engine, Solor Thermal Pump
          Sunflower (Solor Steam Engine) pump - YouTube video of how it was built and how it works.
          Sunflower MK2 - YouTube update video
          Official Sunflower Pump Website - Video of newest pump in action
          Solar Powered Pump

Preston Services - Suppliers of steam engines, spares and services

Pritchard Steam Car:   Pritchard Power - Uniflow Generator - Now Uniflow Power Ltd.
          Pritchard Steam Car - Another Pritchard Website
          Ted Pritchards Stream Car Runs on Alcohol and Never Pollutes

Puritan Steam Car

Rankine Bottoming Cycle Diesel Engine - ORC Publications For Sale: RC-1 organic   

Red Rock Energy Heliostat

Regner - The Train Department - on Reyaulds

Reynaulds Live Steam Model Locomotives

Roots of Motive Power - Donkey Engines, Locomotives, Steam Shovels and
          other steam equipment used in the logging industry.

Rotary Engines: Aspin Rotary Engine Library
          Rotary Steam Engines: Page 6

Saab and Pelland Steam Cars

Santa Fe Steam Generator Car 139

Scottish Traction Engine Society - Steam in the Park Video

Sentinel Steam Waggon - Website

Serpollet Brothers: Steam Generator of Serpollet Brothers Producing Steam Instantaneously  
Serpollet Engines - Simple, Single, Double Acting Poppet Valve Engine      

Slam Valve Motor - Supplying Efficient Steam Engines for Homeowners and Professional Solar Installers

Smokstak - Antique Engine Collecting, Restorations, Forums, Classifieds, Books, Links, Chat Rooms and Meets

Solar: Solar Store - Inflatable Solar Water Heater 

Spilling Energy Systems - Steam Engines, Steam Turbines, and Steam Compressors

Square Piston Engine Reduces Emissions - Article

Stanley Motor Carriage - Technical information relating to Stanley Motor Carriage Company Steam Cars -
          The Magic of Steam - Stanley's 17page brochure (2.8M)

Stanley Museum - Kingfield, Maine

Stanley Register - List of great links.

Stanley Steamer Online Affiliates - Listing of links 

Steaman - Kelso's 1909 Model R Stanley Engine #37 and others

Steam and Engine of Australia 

Steam Automobile Engine Research since the 1930s - Article

Steam Boiler Development - What is a Steam Boiler? 

Steam Car Challenge - More on Bob Sarda

Steam Car from Leftovers

Steam Engine Project

Steam Engineering Tutorials 

Steam Is The Stuff Channel - YouTube Video

Steamgoon, Ned- Homepage - Home of the S.P.U.D.S. Steam Engine

Steam Shovel Register

Steam Tables - Spiraxsarco

Steam Theory - TLV - Steam Theory Tutorials

Steve’s Workshop - UK

STG - solar energy technology that is sized to provide electricity and hot water to
          off-grid clinics and schools.- the Specifications

Stretching German Gasoline Supply-WWII

Super Heated Steam: Properties of Super heated Steam 

Surviving World Steam Project News 2007 - This is just news - .org website is missing.
Surviving World Steam Project News 2011 -

Tanks: Steam Power for Tank - Article

Team Steam USA - Working to break the steam land speed record.

TEE Publishing - Engineering and Modelling Books Supplier including
          Workshop and Model Making Books plus the Engineering in Miniature Magazine

Terrajoule Unstealths - Distributed Power via Solar, Steam and Storage
          Terrajoule Corp Website


Thermodynamics, Second Law of

The Train Department - Live Steam Model Locomotives - Regner

Tiller's International - Encouraging an attitude of experimentation to produce more local food with less global fuel

Tiny Power Steam Engines - Boats, Engines, Model Engines, Boilers, Steam Fittings and Accessories

Tocircle Industries - Steam based waste heat recovery. Multi-phase Expander

Turbines: Steam Turbine Operation and Maintenance
               Steam Turbines - Alibaba - Global Trade
               Green Turbine
               Infinity Turbine, LLC  

Turboden Biomass Solutions - pdf document- 28 pages

Uniflow Power Ltd - renewable energy - Australia

Unity Uniflow Rotary (UUR)-Engine - U.S. Patent # 6503072 ebay sale with video

Vapor Power Cycles - pdf - Author: M. Bahrami - 8 pages

Vapor Power International - Manufacturer of Boilers, Packaged Steam Generators,
          Thermal Fluid Heaters, and Electric Boilers

Vapor Power Systems - pdf document

Vengeance Power Inc. - Vengeance Power Engine

Veritask Energy Systems, Inc.

Vintage Steam Products

Voith Website - Waste Heat Recovery-pdf

Waste Heat Recovery by Behr - SAE International

Wells Auto Museum - Hidden Tourist Treasures

White Cliffs Solar Steam Engine -  "The White Cliffs Project - Overview for the period 1979-89"
          published by the Department of Energy of the Government of New South Wales in 1991.


White Steam Car (1909) New Zeeland Museum.

Zero Emmision Engine  -  Zero Emission Engine — A Novel Steam Engine for Automotive Applications