Steam Engine Systems Corporation
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Steam Engine Systems Corp. letterhead

This is what is left of the SES (Steam Engine Systems Corporation) first test engine from 1968-1972 donated to Tom Kimmel by Hal Fuller September 2013.   

The engine started as a French V-4 air cooled diesel made by Bernard, 90 mm bore and stroke.  The cylinders were kept with some of the fins being turned off and uniflow exhaust ports drilled into the cylinder all around the perimeter at near BDC with a heart shaped exhaust manifold clamped around the cylinder.

  Steam Engine Systems Corp. Steam Test Engine

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Steam Engine Systems Corp. Steam Test Engine  

New heads were made from a block of iron with a poppet valve and steam chest.  A new camshaft was made and positioned in the block.

With the original crankcase and crankshaft came: 1 original diesel cylinder, 2, original diesel pistons, 4 modified diesel cylinders to uniflow steam cylinders, 4 new cast iron cylinder heads for steam, and a flywheel.   The steam pistons and connecting rods are missing.

Cylinder showing the exhaust ports for uniflow flow.     
The steam camshaft has a small range of adjustable cut-off.  The lead is decreased when the cut-off is increased using a lever to change a drive belt position.
The new steam engine installed in the 1974 Dodge Monaco and the coal mining Ramcar was designed and made by Ricardo in Shoreham, England.  It used the same bore and stroke, was a 4 cylinder in-line, and had two poppet valves for intake that had phase change to give a very wide ranging cut-off.  It was rated at 140 hp, 2500 rpm, 1000 psi, 1000 degree F steam and used about 1200 pounds of steam an hour.   Steam Engine Systems Corp. Steam Test Engine
    More parts of the SES test engine.  There is an adjustable camshaft that decreases the lead by changing the belt position.
S.E.S. Test Engine circa 1968-1972

Origin: French Air-cooled Diesel V4 – Made by Bernard

Approx.  90mm bore and stroke
With Engine:
        One original diesel cylinder
        Two original diesel pistons
        Four modified diesel cylinders to uniflow steam
        Four New C.I. cylinders heads for steam
        (pistons and con-rods missing)

In block:  
        Cam shaft for steam
        Cut-off adjustable over small range
        (lead decreased when CO increased)
        Using lever to change belt positions