Steam Power Systems (SPS)
Car, Bus and Bus Engine


Steam Power Systems (SPS) out of San Diego did steam development work from about 1969 to 1980 made this car starting November 1972 and demonstrating it in May 1974 for the California Clean Car Project.  The car had a welded frame with a fiber-glass body designed and fabricated by the Brubaker Group.  Engine was four cylinder double acting compound 2.125 x 2.125 x 4.25.  Because of the short time allowed the design was conservative and the hardware of proven character; it had a piston valve.  Therefore its fuel economy and performance were lower than expected and that was the end of the project.  It was the first car to meet the 1976 air standards and got 13 mpg.   SPS Steam car
para transit Bus   Paratransit bus for New York City was designed chassis, running gear and all from the ground up.  It started with a steam engine and later switched to a VW engine as almost started production in Hagerstown, Maryland.  It was designed to move wheelchair people around the city.
    Steam Power Systems (SPS) Bus Engine
    Steam Power System's Bus Engine and Boiler