Williams Brothers Modified Ford V-8


The Williams brothers modified a Ford V-8 into a steam engine.  We need to do more research but we think this was done in the late 1940’s because it does not use the uniflow idea that they worked with exclusively in their later years.  What we know is that there are poppet valves in the counter-flow engine and that the cylindrical shape on top is the very complex and very clever variable cutoff mechanism.  This engine is in the possession of someone else.  There are a great many similarities in outward appearance between this engine valve train design and that of the high speed flat four Williams engine that is in my possession.    Williams Brothers' Ford V-8 Modification

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Williams Brothers' Ford V-8 Modification  

Williams brothers notes made in 1971 indicate that the Flat Four was Model 1610 4 cylinder 3 ½” bore and 3 ¾” stroke made in February 1946.

The V-8 was Model 1648 and made in August 1946 with bore of 3 1/16” and stroke of 3 ¾” for a displacement of 221 c.i.d.

Detail of photo just above.   Williams Brothers' Ford V-8 Modification